Different Types of Virtual Events

Distance does not have to change the outcome of your event.

Do you need to…

  • Share content in a timely manner?
  • Connect attendees easily and frequently?
  • Promote relevancy?
  • Feature sponsors and strategic partners?

If you start with the end result of your event in mind, then you can design the solution that delivers your precise result.

While the delivery of your event may include virtual components, the result doesn’t need to be compromised. Analyze your situation, craft a solution, and produce your desired outcome. Start with what is important to you and build from there.

What is a Virtual Broadcast?

A virtual broadcast is content like webinars, panel discussions and keynotes for mass information distribution and audience engagement. Content is king!

What is a Virtual Experience?

A virtual experiences creates paths for attendees to navigate their own journey through robust content, elevated branding and attendee interaction. In addition to broadcasted content, experiences feature enhanced networking while incorporating sponsorship and/or exhibit components into the program.

Below we break down different types of virtual event services that we offer our clients that you may want to consider when planning your virtual event.

A Total Show Experience

The most robust virtual event with broadcast content, networking, interactive web-based experiences including tradeshow booths and activities to feature sponsors, and more.

A Total Show Experience is the closest virtual imagery and audience networking experience to a live conference. It is an interactive environment with multi-day and traditional tradeshow conference programming.

This level of production delivers simultaneous broadcasted content with components of tradeshow, sponsorship and heightened attendee engagement options. Show platform license is additional.

What we recommend for a Total Show Experience:

  • A web-based application with a visual navigation experience to traditional in-person conference that can be accessed on any computer or smart device
  • Branded attendee, sponsor and exhibitor dashboard navigation
  • Enhanced graphic options with video broadcast and on-screen imagery
  • Robust branding and sponsorship tiered offerings
  • Attendee networking and gamification features
  • Complex agenda with keynotes, breakouts, panel discussions, etc.
  • Highly customizable virtual conference lobby

A Multifaceted Experience

Great for focusing on networking opportunities and content delivery.

A Multifaceted Experience enhances features for content delivery, branding and attendee engagement. It is an enhanced networking experience while also offering sponsorship and exhibit components.

Attendees interact with the event dashboard on mobile or desktop to navigate an individualized experience. This experience enhances the traditional broadcast with layers of attendee interaction.

What we recommend for a Multifaceted Experience:

  • A branded web-based conference dashboard that can be accessed on any computer or smart device
  • Special options for sponsors
  • Tradeshow components
  • Attendee segmented networking and gamification features
  • Sophisticated presentation capabilities with keynotes, breakouts, panel discussions
  • Community building components

An Elevated Broadcast

Great for content delivery and highlighting sponsors.

An Elevated Broadcast incorporates sponsors and panel presentations with broadcast content delivery.

It is ideal for highlighting sponsors and hosting panel discussions from multiple sources. Excellent representation of on-site experience in a virtual or hybrid environment. The full-feature broadcast, basic delivery platforms included.

What we recommend for an Elevated Broadcast:

  • Enhanced graphics with video and on-screen imagery
  • Producer managing presenters and content for you
  • Expanded branding and sponsorship options’
  • Longer live streaming time with moderators
  • Up to 8 simultaneous content sources

A Linear Broadcast

The best for content delivery only.

Great for when getting information out is most important. This element is a perfect addition to a live event to bridge into a hybrid offering. Basic delivery platform included.

at we recommend for a Linear Broadcast:

  • Slide-based presentation with speaker voice-over
  • Basic on-screen branding
  • Recording for playback on-demand post-event
  • Supplemental material resource management
  • Up to 4 simultaneous live content sources

Download a copy of quiz to determine what are the most important aspects of your event to help you determine what type of virtual event would be the best solution for you.

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