Experience That Matters.

Rachel Nielsen
Founder and President

It turns out you can have it all! Enjoying my family and building a business simultaneously is possible!

I’ve always had a unique ability to see the result of my actions while I was still in the process of making the decision. Luckily, I tend to use my talents for good and not evil. Starting with the end in mind is my secret.

Professionally, I developed this amazing talent into AE’s Alignment Advantage to generate results that matter at each of our clients’ face-to-face events and beyond them. At Advanced Events, we are about achieving what we set out to do while laughing and enjoying the process along the way. If we’re not having an absolute ball, what’s the point?

Tyler Evancic
Director of Operations

Tyler Evancic makes no excuses when he wins. Hard work, common sense and result-oriented thinking are his weapons of choice. Tyler’s focused approach to maximizing resources, motivating teams and trail-blazing opportunity makes him a perfect Director of Operations for a growing organization. No stranger to providing a high-level of service in a fast-paced environment, Tyler uses his customer-centric thinking to evaluate and determine the best course of action for the company.

Perhaps Mr. Evancic’s best quality is his ability to take psychological ownership of the objectives. He cohesively propels the business forward arranging the individual components for maximum productivity. Committed to stable values while finding energy in new challenges, Mr. Evancic is incredibly compelled to win – and uses a positive role modeling approach to ignite his teams. His fresh outlook, easy going, professional and cut-to- the-chase approach are in-line with the deeply rooted belief at Advanced Events to laugh and have fun while creating Results that Matter for AE clients.