Results That Matter

When priorities clash and everything is important, Advanced Events helps you cut through the chaos to deliver results that matter at your event and beyond. We continually challenge assumptions and look for the right approach for your specific objective making sure we have a complete understanding of what assumptions, barriers, behaviors or other business agenda influence your success. By combining our Alignment Advantage and Beyond Your Event thinking, we transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

The Alignment Advantage™
At its core, the Alignment Advantage unites vision, strategy and logistics to ensure that you’re always on time, on budget, and on point.

Beyond Your Event™
We explore every way to enhance your engagement experience while delivering results with longer term rewards.

Companies That Nailed Their MVP
"Organizations were often left wondering about the ROI on their largest marketing budget line item. We solved this problem by developing a diagnostic tool (called “Alignment Advantage”) used up front to align stakeholders with the desired outcome. We talk results first, then hold the event and process accountable to the outcome.” Read Larry Myler's article...

Huffington Post Takes Notice
What does Advanced Events have in common with a bespoke, online suit retailer and the city of Portage, Wisconsin? See Ari Garber's Article on the Huffington Post website.

The Strong Leadership of Meeting Planners
Many organizations are tenaciously focused on their thoughtfully-prepared missions while their legacy events may not be. Using Advanced Events' Alignment Advantage tool, planners can verify whether the events they’re asked to execute are tethered not only to an organization’s mission, but also to its business goals and objectives. Read more at The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.