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Are you tired of wondering about the ROI of your events and trade shows?

Our clients effect change & get immediate results.

Revenue Growth sales leads | new clients | expansion with existing clients | conference attendance | innovative revenue streams | membership segments | sponsorship development

Knowledge Transfer organizational policy | process improvements | merged companies | sales targets | general communications | updated messages | institutional identity | attendee buy in | product roll outs | awareness of products and services | response to industry changes

Organizational Value return on budget and resource commitment | value to sponsors | better leads and processes | returned time & focus to the in-house staff | reputation enhancement | deepened relationships | culture reinforcement | showcasing organizational value within the industry

Where would your business be if your meetings, events and trade shows realized their full potential?

What if your competition is using engagements to push their business development plans?

When you look Beyond Your Event, face-to-face engagements become your competitive advantage.

For many organizations both maximizing and quantifying the ROI of their meeting, trade show or event is a daunting task.

• "Did the employees adopt the new corporate strategy?"

• "We are obligated to be at this trade show, but do we get much out of it?"

• "How effective is this event as a customer retention tactic?"

With Beyond Your Event thinking, the art long associated with events is transformed in to a science.

Advanced Events will fuel the impact of your events, while providing the measures to quantify the results.

Beyond Your Event thinking and action planning simplified:

1. Align: Analyze what you intend to accomplish & agree at an organizational level on the desired outcome and messaging.

2. Navigate: Set a plan encompassing the structural objectives, content message mapping and relevant analytics.

3. Measure: Use the data along the way and post event to adjust the approach.

Are you ready to think Beyond Your Event?

• Advanced Events will fuel the impact of your events with a simple diagnostic tool that Aligns and Navigates the event.

• The approach is effective at maximizing results when used at any point in the planning or execution of an engagement.

• Trained professionals will anticipate the logistical, financial and emotional impact of every decision made to guide the event.

Results Matter.

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